[temporary media laboratory]

Manchester, UK; Aug/Sep '98

REVOLTING will bring together Activism, Art and Theory 

concerned with media in a social and productive environment. 

Throughout August and September '98 Manchester will offer 

more or less informal locations providing a media workspace 

(at Salford University) and social interfaces (in the 

Greater Manchester Area) - as well as related events in 

Manchester. This event/workspace will provide the 

opportunity of lively exchange and collaboration, both in 

the privacy of a dedicated environment and the mayhem of the 

public arena.


Attempts to define 'the' revolution have failed to produce a 

universal checklist of distinguishing characteristics. Where 

does that then leave the 'Digital Revolution'? REVOLTING 

replaces the handset on the master narrative and dials 

again. Stepping outside the mere potential of 'revolutionary 

technologies', REVOLTING shifts the focus to groups and 

individuals within the field of media, who are applying 

creative, challenging, tactical and innovative ways to make 

the most of the 'revolting' circumstances we live in. We 

don't want to define the Digital Revolution, we are 

interested in knowing who attended!

Not understanding art as critical by 'nature', but stressing 

the fact that it could well be critical by definition, 

REVOLTING wants to focus on the overlap between cultural 

production and cultural theory. We 'mind the gap' between 

wanting to understand and being forced to act. REVOLTING 

will provide the means of production as well as the social 

setting within which to present the processes.


From March 98, we hope to put in place a public access 

server for the Greater Manchester Area. This server will 

provide audio and video facilities and be devoted and linked 

to many local initiatives and activities in the area. This 

practise will also playfully explore the link-up of old and 

new media. Currently Manchester has very limited 

possibilities in terms of public access channels for radio 

and TV - at the same time, Manchester has a lively scene of 

pirate radio and video practise, which will be channelled 

through the public access project. In collaboration with 

these initiatives, REVOLTING will bring together local 

activity and global discourse. For the period of August, 

September 98 there will be a series of co-productions 

between international guests and local projects, to produce 

an ongoing archive of material, to test run concepts on the 

web and to experiment with the interfacing of old and new 



REVOLTING will also print a bi-monthly newspaper/letter, the 

first issue to be published in March 98. This publication 

understands itself as an intermediate balance sheet for the 

off-line public and features information, opinionated 

journalism and manifestos which address pressing economic, 

political and cultural topics. As mentioned above, this 

publication attempts to extend the possibilities of new 

media by experimenting ways in which news groups, web pages 

and mailing lists can alter the impact of print publications 

- and vice versa... SEND YOUR CONTRIBUTIONS NOW.


REVOLTING hopes to amplify the close collaboration of the 

temporary media laboratory with the community within which 

it is situated. We also want to situate the media lab and 

the social interfaces at two nearby but separate locations 

to maintain a focused workspace while encouraging active 

participation of the public at the other end. The public 

interface will be equipped with sufficient access points, 

computers and consumer electronics to produce material in 

the semi-public environment as well as being a constantly 

changing archive and social space.

The media lab (at Salford University) will be equipped with 

extensive audio, video and internet facilities - as 

Universities are. The 'social interface' (in Manchester) 

will feature essential equipment: workstations, beams, 

projectors and the obligatory sound system to allow anything 

from focused presentation, screenings, via semi-public 

debates, improvised exhibitions, spontaneous interviews, to 

well earned leisure times.

At the same time, REVOLTING can be expanded into the city of 

Manchester, using locations and facilities to screen movies, 

celebrate, host presentations and stage demonstrations. 

Being located in a lively city like Manchester - with its 

strong profile of popular culture situated amongst the 

archaeological relics of the industrial revolution - there 

seems no need to implant an infrastructure which is already 

available and extensively accepted. In this way we hope to 

make the most of the city for what it was and is.


We want to encourage participation - remote and on-site. We 

expect that the participants will all have enough social, 

political and cultural commitment to use this space in a 

tactical and productive manner. REVOLTING should be more 

than an editorial office and more than the extension of your 

working environment at home. REVOLTING wants to be an 

experimental social interface to the many realities we will 

bring to Manchester and to the ones already forming and 

performing in the area.

Attention: this is all construction!

Watch your usual channels for further information...

[REVOLTING is currently in dialogue with Salford University; 

Hypermedia Research Centre, Westminster University; Mute 

Magazine; Hybrid WorkSpace; Telepolis; North West Arts 

Board; Foundation for Art and Creative Technology]

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