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The parlour has its own GALLERY which holds an archive of the images amassed from journeys through the net. Many metaphors used relate to the older style of seaside tattoos. The gallery is currently under construction, we do apologise to our visitors.

To enter the GALLERY, click here.

At the end of the 19th and beginning of the 20th century it was common for tattoo artists to rent a room in the back of a barber's shop and put their sign in the front window. We do not know how you found us, but we guess you might have followed the sign for CYBERTATTOO appearing in one of the many locations you passed through on your travels. Ideally this sign will be put up by hosts all over the world who view cybertattoing as a worthwhile attraction able to supply their visitors with long lasting souvenirs.

Whoever wishes to put our sign into their front window, click here.

We rely on the travellers to supply us with new images. Currently it is not possible to transfer any suggested motif in real time to the PARLOUR MAID - the digital engraving machine. Therefore they need them to be sent to us.

Whoever comes across images suitable for CYBERTATTOO, click here.

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