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If you have any questions, e-mail us.

How is the tattoo machine sterilised?

This is one of the more important questions at the moment. In order to provide the customers with sufficient hygiene we currently contacted medical staff to assure maximum security. As far as the presentations are concerned we will be present to supervise the procedure. If people build their own machines we plan to provide them with disposable needles for a minimum charge.

Can I use colour images?

If the machine is not removed from the body and stays in the same position it will be possible to add a second layer to the tattoo. Currently we are only planning on images of one colour, but if the response is positive we might get the money together to enter a second stage of development.

Can I stop the machine in the middle of a tattoo?

This will lead to a faulty tattoo. Once the machine has been started it needs to finish, otherwise the the machine will have to start drawing the design all over again and subsequently previously drawn lines will be redrawn. Whether or not the accuracy is high enough to follow the same line exactly can not be said at this point.

Where can I buy the machine?

Nowhere. The machine is not for sale and we only use it for private, non-commercial presentations. Due to the fact that a patent is attached to the electric engraving pen, we cannot - and never intended to - distribute the equipment commercially. However, plans for building your own machine will be made available soon and for free...

Where can I see a presentation?

Well, we hope to get the chance to show the machine in several places. Of course, money is a problem. If anybody wants to host a presentation, just send us two plane tickets and we'll be on our way. Events will be announced on the net.

If you have any questions, e-mail us.

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