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The construction of CYBERTATTOO and PARLOUR MAID was finished by the end of November 96. Find out about presentations and future events here...

22. - 27.Sep.97 - Chicago, ISEA97

International Symposium for Electronic Arts. We will present the machine on Friday the 26th of Sep; 4.15-5.45 pm in the 'Board of Trade Room'.
goto: isea97 - time table & abstract

CyberTattoo wants to thank Delta Air Lines for their kindly support concerning our presentation at the isea97 conference in Chicago

Sep.1997 - review: Telepolis, munich

goto: article by Martin Conrads - Telepolis

14.Sep.1997 - Hamburg, Extension (Hamburger Kunsthalle)

As part of the 'internet art' competition we will present the machine at work. 13.00 CET, Hamburger Kunsthalle.
goto: Hamburger Kunsthalle - extension

Jul.1997 - Newport, Consciousness reframed

Symposium: art and consciousness in the post-biological era. An invitation which placed us in an unexpectedly *uploading* identity environment. however, very illuminating.
goto: CAiiA

Apr.1997 - in print: mute magazine, london

read: issue 7

2.Dec.1996 - London, stalk @ backspace

As part of a series of talks and presentations we had the chance to present the project within the context of internet-art and -curatorial concepts.
Thanks to Siraj Izhar vor having us around.
goto: stalk - backspace

24.Nov.1996 - tagesspiegel interview

To read (German only and the long net version), click here.

23.Nov.1996 - Berlin, luxus cont.

The first presentation was staged on the 23rd of November in Berlin.
Even though the software wasn't quite there (yet) we had everything up and 'running'...
Thanks to luxus cont. for the invitation at the 'zuhause' module. Click here for the press release deutsch - english.

Check this page for future events.

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